The Blessing of Trading Waves

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Professionals thrive in up-trends and down-trends but few enjoy SIDE TRENDS better than my Oscillator. Once the Oscillator identifies sine waves within price flow, it reliably predicts price movement especially in side trends -

A side trend is formed because there are energy sine waves which stick - they hold fast over a period of weeks until they break down. The bigger the currency, the more they hold - such as USD, GOLD, EUR, CAD, and even AUD, GBP and FTSE100 (results above)


Here is a day chart of the EURUSD


And here is a water flow simulation

Notice the similarities?


A chart tells you if the trend is continuing or changed

The basic events are the down flow, the side flow, and the shunt between (mistakenly called a "breakout"). They very frequently occur at psychological levels (round numbers in price). Recognizing these three events will help you decide if a trend is continuing or changed, especially when you've just lost a trade and want to know if you should remain with the same Oscillator dates and trend direction. The final event is when the flat line is blown into a waterfall:


The Problem

Forex and global indicies (like the Dow and FTSE) are fluids. It is easy to be misled and then to QUIT when you don't understand fluids. Watch the simulation again and see how difficult it would be to predict the water level and splash. Technical indicators alone fail to recognize the dynamic nature of fluids. Even chart patterns make no sense in isolation. Irresponsible trading follows, then disaster. Consistency can only be achieved with a computer, but even this will fail if the dynamic nature of flow is not modelled

You can almost feel that the sine waves creating this flow are forced to break down to become a new set of unknown sine waves. Any previous indicators become redundant. You now have to optimize the waves again, which will continue for another few weeks

Optimize from this period forward as a side trend:


  • Optimize a 2 week period every day. Never re-use parameters
  • Look at the day chart once or twice a day for signs of a shunt or blow
  • Take a loss, but never stop the robot unless a blow has clearly occurred
  • Using my OSCILLATOR in the video TRADING WAVES, you learn the easiest and most reliable way to trade this dynamic nature of fluids




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